Physical Education plays a vital role in the development of every pupil at Red House School. It is hoped that by the time pupils leave us, they will understand the importance of physical activity in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Further to this, the department also endeavours to promote enthusiasm for sport and competition.

It is the belief of the department that every individual has a distinctive sporting talent. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the P.E. Department to identify, expose, nurture and encourage the said talent through a Physical Education and extra-curricular programme, which is broadly based.

Whilst not all pupils will be fully involved in the extra-curricular fixture programme, it is hoped that all pupils will develop a sense of fulfilment and achievement, in terms of improving their own ability and skill level within a variety of physical activities.  This is also encouraged through the House competitions which take place throughout the year.

  • To summarise, our departmental aims are:
  • To make all sports enjoyable, as safe as possible and meaningful.
  • To develop qualities of determination, conscientiousness, consistency, fairness and honesty.
  • To foster leadership, social relationships and co-operation.
  • Educate the pupils to be informed and interested spectators as well as participants.

GCSE Physical Education

GCSE Physical Education is offered as an option to pupils when they make subject choices in Year 10. For more information on detailed subject options view the Option Blocks webpage. The course is well subscribed, reflecting the popularity of the subject with many of our pupils. Those who have a genuine interest in sport and are good at a range of different sporting activities are ideally suited to this course.

All candidates are assessed in a number of physical activities throughout the two years of the course. The best four marks are taken forward to form part of the final grade. One piece of written work is also required. This is an analytical investigation, in which the candidate is required to demonstrate how performance can be improved.

In the final written exam at the end of Year 11, pupils will be expected to answer questions on various topics and issues from the world of sport. These will include; different methods of training and the effects of training; how bodily systems respond to exercise, injuries and basic first aid and the factors that affect participation in sport.

The P.E. programme is designed to provide these opportunities as pupils join the school in year 4. This is then developed as they progress through the school and it is hoped that this will help them develop a healthy attitude towards physical activity. In these early years, pupils are given a greater percentage of time to concentrate on these foundation skills and with each year, this percentage becomes reduced so that there is a better balance towards their GCSE studies.

Year 11 Physical Education

When pupils reach Year 11 they follow a programme called ‘Education For Leisure’.  Pupils are taken out of school and offered the opportunity to experience a variety of activities.  On most occasions, the activities will be introduced and developed over a two-week period.  Our aim is to broaden horizons and encourage pupils to find activities that they may wish to pursue in the future.

Each pupil is charged a fee of £65 per term to cover transport and activity costs. We endeavour to keep the cost of this programme at a reasonable rate for parents and therefore some activities will be teacher-led at school. This takes place intermittently throughout the year.

These are some of the activities undertaken in the past few years:

Croquet, Canoeing / kayaking, Racquet ball, Clay pigeon shooting, Archery, Ten pin bowling, Multi gym, Boxercise, White water rafting, Sailing, Fencing, Martial arts, Golf, Rock climbing & abseiling, Ice skating, Trampolining and Step aerobics.