The aim of science at Red House School is to develop knowledge and understanding of important scientific ideas, processes and skills and relate these to everyday experiences.

The world is a rapidly changing place. Science is constantly impacting on every aspect of our lives. New generations are faced with ethical and social issues that past generations had never had to contemplate.

Science is a core subject at Red House School. All pupils study Science to Year 6. During Year 6 pupils are encouraged to learn through investigation and use a wide range of learning activities to maintain curiosity, enthusiasm and enjoyment. Pupils follow the National Curriculum and study a range of subjects which includes Life Processes and Living things, Materials and their Properties, Physical Processes and Scientific Enquiry.

From Years 7 to 9 all pupils study Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate subjects with specialised staff, which gives the pupils a huge advantage over most children in other independent and state schools.

From Years 9 to 11 pupils have the opportunity to study for two or three sciences at GCSE that are examined by AQA. This involves written exam papers and coursework which is assessed in class

The science that is taught is both challenging and enjoyable. Pupils are encouraged to communicate ideas, work independently and at the same time develop respect for others as well as the environment.

The department enter ‘Top of the Bench’, a national competition for 14-16 year old pupils run by the Royal Society of Chemistry. In the school Key Stage 3 pupils can become involved in a Science Club.