Physics underpins almost all technical activities in Modern society. As a ‘must subject for pupils deciding to go into traditional areas like engineering, it is also highly valued and respected as a powerful qualification whatever career we decide to pursue. The challenging nature of the subject and the wide range of skills developed makes physics a powerful tool to take into everyday life.

Red House School has an advantage over many State and independent schools at KS3 because a Physics graduate teaches Physics from Year 7. The department follows the National Curriculum covering a diverse range of topics according to year group. During Year 7 energy resources, electrical circuits, forces and the solar system (and beyond!) are studied. Year 8 covers heating and cooling, magnets/electromagnets, hearing, light and sound. Energy and electricity, gravity and space, speed, pressure and moments are topics that are covered in Year 9.

At KS4 Red House Schools follows the AQA specification for GCSE. During Year 10 pupils cover a diverse range of subject areas including heat transfer, using energy, electrical Energy, generating electricity, electromagnetic waves, radioactivity and the origins of the Universe. Year 11 involves studying motion, speeding up and down, work energy and momentum, electricity (static, current, mains) and nuclear physics.