Red House Senior School is situated in the historic red-brick manor house overlooking picturesque Norton Green.

Our beautiful buildings house vibrant modern classrooms, science laboratories, a learning hub, a library and computer suites, in which the pupils can thrive academically.

Our Design and Technology suite is equipped with up-to-date technology including a 3D printer, laser cutter and design software.

Our all-weather Astroturf pitch, sports fields and sports hall allow pupils to develop their skills in a wide range of activities. We offer an impressive range of sports to pupils at all levels. These include hockey, football, rugby, netball, tennis, cricket and rounders. We are also proud of our partnership with Norton Sports Complex and have use of their excellent facilities.

Our Music School features a recording studio, rehearsal space and practice rooms. At Red House there are endless opportunities for children to express their creativity through individual music tuition, the school choir and orchestra led by specialist teachers.

Two girls are conducting a science experiment with a bunsen burner. In the background four boys are also conducting a science experiment.

Three pupils are in the Music School. Two boys are playing their guitars in the Recording Studio, whilst a girl is sat with headphones on at the mixing desk.Seven Red House School pupils are in a line holding hockey sticks on the Astroturf.

Two Red House School boys are using the 3D printer in the Design and Technology classroom.