Library resources include the following:

Books (Fiction; Non-Fiction; Reference sections
Audio visual resources (Story tapes; videos; CD-ROMs)
Careers Section (Books; Leaflets; Prospectuses; Videos; CD-ROMs; Journals; Magazines.)
A suite of high-spec networked computers with a laser printer.

Fiction Collection

Our fiction stock ranges from picture books and easy reads through popular teenage series to the best in children’s fiction starting from higher primary school age.
Contemporary British and world literature is also well represented from teen to adult level.
New items are constantly added to this section.

Non-Fiction Collection

The non-fiction section contains books and CD-ROMs. It is divided into Lending and Reference collections. The reference section includes general and subject specific encyclopaedias, language and subject dictionaries, handbooks, and atlases.

The lending section includes books and a small number of videos on a variety of different subjects and also material for hobbies and personal interests.

All the above sections are constantly revised and updated to meet the demands of the curriculum and to stay topical in content. They also reflect the pupils’ information needs for different age groups and differing abilities.

Careers Library

It consists of handbooks, booklets, folders, pamphlets, leaflets, videos and databases (Internet and CD-ROM) on different occupations, careers choice; higher education prospectuses; gap year information; information on work and study abroad; details on bursaries, scholarships, sponsorships.

There are also a number of career magazines in this section, which deal with all the different aspects of career choice and career change. They are useful for studying interview or application skills/techniques. They also provide practical details of the working environments for particular occupations and useful tips to job opportunities.