Atticus – Head Boy
I am extremely proud to have been chosen as Head Boy and feel excited to act as a role model and ambassador for the forthcoming year.  I am also delighted to work as part of the prefect team and maintain the great standards of the school, which have made my time at Red House, since Nursery, thoroughly enjoyable.

My favourite subject is Maths because of the satisfaction I get from solving problems.  Outside of school, I play cricket for Durham under 15s; I have also enjoyed representing Red House in other sports such as football and hockey.



Sophie – Head Girl
I am very proud to have been chosen as Head Girl and I am looking forward to continuing to support the school in the coming year.  I recognise the importance of the role and I aim to fulfil the responsibilities and set a positive example to the rest of the school.

I have been at Red House since nursery and throughout my 12 years I have really enjoyed taking part in the various opportunities I have been given. In particular, I have enjoyed taking part in the sporting life of the school, especially netball, which I play frequently both inside and outside of school. I also enjoy learning languages; my favourite subjects are German and French, as I find them both interesting and useful.


Ethan – Deputy Head Boy
I am incredibly delighted to have been chosen to be Deputy Head Boy, as I feel the role is very important and has many responsibilities.  I really wish to support the Head Boy and Head girl, whilst also remaining a role model and an ambassador for the school myself.

Outside of school, most of my time is spent in the swimming pool, as I train for 16 hours a week.  I have had success in many national competitions and I hope to represent Mauritius or Team GB at the Olympics in the coming years.  In addition to swimming, I am currently working on my diploma in singing and Grade 5 piano.  Despite my busy lifestyle, I still manage to enjoy all of the subjects and dedicate myself to school life.

I am looking forward to developing my skills and supporting my peers throughout the next school year as Deputy Head Boy.

Abigail – Deputy Head Girl
I am delighted and grateful to have been given the opportunity to become Deputy Head Girl.  I am very much looking forward to carrying out this role for the year ahead and I will cherish the experience in years to come.

Outside of school, I have been dancing for ten years and I enjoy helping out at my Girl Guiding unit as a Young Leader.  I hope to put this experience to good use in my perfecting role.  Taking on the role of ‘Brother Levi’, in our recent school production of Joseph, was a fantastic experience, which has helped me to gain confidence.  It has also given me the opportunity to get to know younger members of the school better, which will ensure that I am more approachable as a prefect.