Ashly – Head Boy

I was extremely excited to discover that I had been chosen as Head Boy and delighted that my skills and leadership skills have been recognised. What I love the most about Red House is the huge range of opportunities on offer.

Personally, I have taken part in as many sports matches and teams as possible as I have found this area of school life very rewarding. However, I also greatly enjoy all of the lessons and academic activities available. My favourite subject is Design Technology, because I find the topics very interesting and love designing and making products. I also enjoy learning about other ways of life and other people’s beliefs in RS lessons. In my role as Head Boy I am looking forward to working with staff and the other members of the prefect team.


Kathryn – Head Girl

Head Girl at Red House School

I am very grateful to have been selected as Head Girl and am excited to act as a role model and continue to support the school throughout the year. I am very much looking forward to working as part of the prefect team and to set a positive example for the rest of the school.

During my time at Red House, I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the multiple opportunities that I have been given, especially in the sporting life of the school. In particular, I enjoy playing netball for the school team, as netball is a sport that I enjoy playing both inside and outside of school. I was delighted when our team made it to national finals last year, as it was an amazing experience and a fantastic end to a great season of netball. My favourite subjects in school are both French and Spanish, as I enjoy learning new languages and I believe that this is a useful skill to have and something that I would like to continue to develop in the future.


Jack – Deputy Head Boy

Deputy Head Boy at Red House SchoolI am delighted to have been chosen as Deputy Head Boy because I understand the importance and responsibilities that come with the role. Whilst I still wish to be a good role model for the rest of the school, I also hope to be of good support to the Head Boy and Girl.

Outside of school, I represent County Durham by playing in the JAC hockey squad and enjoy learning to play the guitar. My favourite subject is Design Technology, as I enjoy all the practical activities and I am interested in the content of the course. I hope to be great ambassador for the school over the next year and look forward to the opportunity to develop my leadership skills through this role.


Iyrah – Deputy Head Girl

Deputy Head Girl at Red House SchoolI am extremely thankful and happy to have been selected to represent Red House School as Deputy Head Girl. I look forward to fulfilling this role to the best of my ability. Outside school, I play netball for my club and I am developing my skills as an umpire. In the future, I hope to umpire super league matches, or matches of that calibre. In school, I have been working for the past six months as a volunteer as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award training, helping with after-school childcare in ‘Session Six’ in the Junior School. I am very grateful for this experience, as I have enjoyed getting to know some of our younger pupils and believe that I have learnt a great deal about how to be approachable. I am sure that the role of prefect will help me to develop other essential skills for the future.


Red House School pupil Red House School pupil
Red House School pupil Red House School pupil
Red House School pupil
Red House School pupil