Red House Independent School provides a warm and vibrant community in which pupils grow into thoughtful and caring individuals. High quality pastoral care, together with the commitment of staff to the needs of each pupil, provide an environment in which pupils flourish and respect each other.

Red House, which has a well deserved and long-standing reputation as a caring school, has a clear pastoral care system which is both pro-active and re-active to ensure that its current reputation flourishes and develops. We were delighted to receive the School Mental Health Award by the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools. We are proud to be the only independent school in the North East who have won this award, which demonstrates our passion for wellbeing and positive mental health.

At Red House we are committed to the development and growth of all pupils in our care and we seek to create a community that develops self-respect in all students, leading to respect for others, regardless of perceived differences and the environment. We place a very high value on the partnership developed between staff, parents and pupils to ensure that progress is as successful as possible. We set high standards for pupils in work, behaviour and attendance, in an atmosphere that is warm, friendly and caring.

All staff at Red House Independent School have an understanding of pupils’ pastoral needs and a pupil’s form tutor has particular responsibility to support your child in the appropriate way.

For parents and pupils who need guidance and reassurance, whatever the problem or concern, the form tutor is the first point of contact with the school. A form tutor has the responsibility of encouraging the pupils in a tutor group to work together as a sociable and cohesive entity. For this reason, and to promote the self-confidence and self-image of pupils, tutor groups are of mixed ability and do not exceed 22 in a group. In addition our pastoral team has the responsibility to enable and support the form tutor system as and when appropriate.

Form Tutors are also responsible for the delivery of Personal, Social and Health Education. This programme enables pupils to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding on a wide range of topics so that they can develop their own code of morals and values and can become responsible and valued members of society.

The whole school meets once a week for an Achievement Assembly when we celebrate together individual and group successes.

Logo of the bronze award for the School Mental Health Award