Physical Education is greatly valued at Red House School. As well as helping to develop the full physical potential of each child, it helps foster and build confidence, self esteem and social skills. A varied physical education programme helps children begin to understand what is involved in team membership and learn to appreciate fair play and sportsmanship.

Football, rugby, hockey, netball and cross country running are the main winter sports, with athletics, cricket, rounder’s, tennis and orienteering offered as summer activities. All children (from Years 4-6) have swimming instruction throughout the year.

Red House School plays an active part in inter-school sports competitions in the area and has a enviable reputation in providing outstanding individual  and team members for a wide range of sports at a local, regional and national level.

Our Sporting Ethos

Although all our pupils are expected to fulfill their academic potential, the measure of our success cannot be judged by scholarly achievements alone. Indeed, it is their development as people that must be seen as the ultimate test.

We believe that the physical and mental disciplines of working together in a team are very important. Sport teaches the art of winning and losing with equally good grace, self-reliance and leadership, and the opportunities to compete are grasped by many of our pupils.

We are constantly striving to raise aspiration in our pupils and recognise the positive influences that active sport has on the development of young people.  Red House School PE Department organises a wide range of activities to cater for everyone, from the committed athlete to those participating for exercise and enjoyment. Our ethos is to ensure quality, quantity and breadth of sporting opportunities so that all our pupils acquire the skills and knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle.

We believe that enjoying success in sport, at their own individual level, can often be the key to pupils’ success across the whole school.

Our Sports

Red House School has a proud sporting tradition and the majority of pupils benefit from a high level of involvement in games and fixtures. Enthusiastic coaches, together with excellent school grounds, sports hall, tennis courts and access to local semi-professional club facilities, provide pupils with the opportunity to enjoy a full and busy programme of sporting activities.

Indeed, for a school its size, it has earned a reputation far and wide, with notable achievements at county, regional and national levels. We appreciate the enjoyment that children gain from their sport and the greater benefits to be derived other than just fitness, development of teamwork, sportsmanship, camaraderie and associated social skills. The timetable is arranged so that all the children receive quality teaching, regardless of their ability, with the greatest emphasis placed on encouragement and enjoyment.

We offer a diverse sporting programme. In the winter term the major sports are Rugby, Hockey, Football and Cross Country for boys and Netball, Hockey and Cross Country for girls. In the summer term all pupils participate in Tennis, Athletics and Swimming, in addition to the major sports of Cricket, Rounders and Orienteering.