At Red House School, pupils have an important part to play in making decisions about the life and work of the school. One of the ways in which pupils can have their say and make sure that their views and ideas are listened to is through the pupil council.

The pupil council gives pupils the chance to tell teachers and staff their ideas, meet regularly to talk about important school issues and projects and put forward the class views at council meetings

The pupil council has a constitution, which is a list of rules clearly setting out roles and responsibilities, including a chairperson, who leads the meetings by following the agenda, which is a list of items to be discussed.

A secretary takes notes of what is said at the meeting and these are written up as minutes of the meeting.

During a typical pupil council meeting, important issues are discussed, ideas shared and action points decided. The discussions must be orderly and fair, with everyone having an equal opportunity to talk or be listened to.

After the council meeting, representatives report back to their class while things are still fresh in their minds – this helps every pupil to feel involved.

The pupil council keeps pupils informed about the life of the school, helps pupils to gain the confidence to have their say and encourages pupils to be active citizens in the school community.