Oustanding 2013 GCSE Results at Red House School

Pupils have achieved outstanding results across all subjects at GCSE level.

Staff and pupils are celebrating the success, with 7 of the 37 pupils at the school achieving A or A* in every subject.

Over 97 % of all examinations taken gained A* to C grades, an increase in 3 % from last year.

In addition, 61 % of the GCSE exams taken were A or A* grade, with 28 % achieving the highest grade of A*.

Jasmin Abbott and Aryan Roghati were delighted to gain A*s in all 11 GCSE’s taken.

Jasmin from Bishopton said:

“I was completely shocked then delighted with my results.”

Aryan from Norton said:

“I thought I had done well but did not realise how well I was going to do until I saw my results.

Alex Taylor, Headmaster said: “We are delighted and extremely proud of these results, which is the product of much hard work from pupils and staff. The pupils enthusiasm and commitment has been justly rewarded and I would like to congratulate everyone on this amazing success.”

Subjects in which pupils particularly excelled included art, biology, chemistry and physics, with every pupil entered achieving either an A or A* grade.

In maths 25 of the 37 pupils achieved an A or A* grade, with 21 students taking their examinations a year early, with 12 A*s, 8 A’s and 1 B grade.

Mr Taylor added: “We have further built upon our academic success across the board, which can be attributed to the first class teaching standards. Subjects, such as the sciences and maths, that are traditionally seen as difficult are brought to life within Red House and our pupils have excelled in these areas.

“The aim of Red House is to bring out the best in everyone. We do this by recognising and developing individual talents and by nurturing pupils’ respect for themselves and each other. These results are a tribute to all the effort put in by the pupils and staff and very well done to all involved.”

Red House School has maintained an envied reputation for pastoral care and academic excellence, with a friendly, structured environment enjoyed by its pupils. Within its caring environment, where staff and pupils can excel, Red House offers a genuine sense of community.

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