Out of the 43 year 11 pupils at the school in 2012, a total of 10 pupils achieved A or A* in every subject.

Charles Simpson and Cameron Grove achieved 11 A* GCSE results, and 94% of all pupils achieved A* to C grades in every subject, including Maths and English.

Over half (54%) of all GCSE exams taken at Red House School were A* or A grade, with 31% being A*.


Headmaster Mr. Taylor said: “We are immensely proud of our GCSE results again this year. They are testament to the hard work our pupils and teachers put in to maintaining our excellent academic standards.”

“The nurturing environment at Red House School means that all our pupils are given the opportunity to excel, and they are supported through small class sizes to ensure they reach their potential.”

Pupils particularly excelled in science, with all 16 pupils who took chemistry achieving A* grades, while in physics 14 A*s and 2As were achieved. Eight pupils took GCSE Geology and achieved an A or A*.

This bucks the national trend of almost a fifth of pupils nationally not taking separate sciences, and hence risking missing out on highly skilled careers in the sciences and engineering.

In Maths 32 of the 43 pupils achieved an A or A* and approximately half of year ten pupils took theirGCSE Maths a year early (17 out of 37 students) with 11 A*s, six A’s and one B grade.

Mr. Taylor added: “We have continued to produce excellent results in Maths and Science this year, due to the excellent standard of teaching and small class sizes.

“So often pupils are put off by these subjects and feel they are too difficult, but with excellent teaching they come alive and are in fact no more difficult than other subjects.”





Co-curricular activities are highly valued at the school, with over 30 students playing sport at county level, and 25% of pupils learning musical instruments. Drama club, geology, gardening and cookery clubs are all popular.


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