Mr Taylor shares his thoughts on the Education Secretary’s recent comment on teachers.

‘Teachers hold in their hands the success of our country and the wellbeing of its citizens; they are the critical guardians of the intellectual life of the nation;
‘Teachers give children the tools by which they can become authors of their own life story and builders of a better world.’  Michael Grove Education Secretary

Mr Gove’s statements regarding the teaching profession could be seen as superficially gratifying, if one is a teacher.  It could give one a feeling of self importance and vocation.  However, at Red House the education of a child is not seen as the sole preserve of the teachers but as a team effort.

The strong triangle of teacher, child and parent working together, rather than the lone professional working on their own, to develop the latent gifts and talents of the individual, is the model we espouse.

Above all children need a safe and secure environment in which learning is valued and mistakes can be made and learnt from and education seen as far more than pouring knowledge into an empty vessel.

An environment is required that not only develops a child’s academic potential, and by that we include skills and understanding as well as raw knowledge, but sets out to educate the whole child; where the physical, social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of their development are also nurtured.  Although schools have a big part to play in this, parents and society are also involved, and the child must also be helped to become an instigator of their own development.

Teachers on their own can make a difference but with the support of parents and the engagement of the child, so much more can be accomplished, this is what we strive to achieve at Red House School.


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