Typical Day

Our Nursery and Reception classes are full of fun and excitement. Children enjoy a wide variety of engaging activities, educational trips, and exciting events.

We believe it is important to treat every child as an individual, so there is no ‘typical’ day.  However, what your child will receive is a structured approach to their learning.

At Red House, we encourage effective learning through playing and exploring, creative and critical thinking, and active learning.

We ensure a balance is maintained between teacher-led activities and those which are child-initiated. We understand the importance of allowing children the time to choose, explore and discover, so they grow in independence and develop personal skills.

Before School

Children can arrive as early as 7.30am for Breakfast Club, and there is no need to pre-book this session.

In Breakfast Club, your child will have a choice of activities set out and supervised by qualified staff.  They will be offered a healthy breakfast: a choice of toast, cereal, fresh fruit, pancakes and either orange/apple juice, milk or water.

Breakfast service finishes at 8.15am. After Breakfast Club, your child will be escorted to their classroom ready for the start of the school day. We will pass on any messages from you to their teacher.


The School Day

The school is open to parents and children from 8.30am. Pupils should arrive at school no later than 8.45am. All children are registered and learning begins.

In the morning, children have a 20 minute break to play and then return to their lessons.

A healthy snack is provided by school for all Early Years children.

Children have an hour for lunch (including playtime). Our dedicated Lunchtime Supervisors ensure all children have enough to eat and plenty of variety.

After lunch, children return to their learning and later enjoy a 15 minute afternoon break.

Nursery ends at 3.15pm. Reception finishes at 3.25pm.


After School

Children in Reception can attend our wide variety of co-curricular clubs. Each club lasts for an hour.

For parents who require a longer school day, we offer After School Care. Children from Nursery and Reception will be able to participate in a wide choice of activities, supervised by qualified staff. After School Care can be booked on the day by informing your class teacher.

The detailed timing of the school day can be found below.

Timings of the Nursery & Reception School Day

Breakfast Club (optional)7.30-8.30am
Doors Open8.30am
Morning Session8.45-12 noon (Nursery)
8.45-12.30pm (Reception)
Lunch12 noon-12.30pm & Outdoor Exploring 12.30-1.30pm (Nursery)
12.30-1.30pm (Reception)
Afternoon Session1.30-3.15pm
End of Day3.15pm
End of Day Supervision
- Nursery
- Reception
Co-curricular Club for Reception (optional)3.30-4.30pm
After School Care (optional)4-6pm