Pupils quickly form loyalties to their House and achieve a true sense of belonging.

Pupils from Year 3 become a member of one of the three Houses. Before Year 3, in EYFS and KS1, they have Teams and a Team Cup, which ‘Team of the Week’ win each week for the most points.

Our House system acts as a link between the different age groups in the school, providing them with opportunities for working and playing together. Typical of this is the appointment of Year 5 pupils (Junior School) and Year 10 pupils (Senior School) as House Captains, to encourage and support House activities; and the House subject and sport competitions, where the Year 5 and Year 10 pupils are responsible for all organisation and direction, with only minimal staff help.

Benefits of The House System:

There are many significant benefits of our House system, notably in the following areas:

  • Leadership: The House system gives the pupils many opportunities not just to mix with House members within their form, but also with the younger and older years, and it gives rise to many more chances for leadership opportunities and cooperation within School. For example, Senior and Junior House Captain.
  • Collaboration: The House system gives children of all ages the opportunity to work together; creating a truly cohesive environment. It is not only pupils who are allocated a House, staff are also involved. Each member of staff will be assigned to one of the three academic Houses.
  • Competition: The House system allows the opportunity for our pupils to enter into competitions with their peers, and this competing has numerous academic benefits, as well as social advantages. Competition enhances collegiality and encourages our pupils to improve and strive to be their very best. Related to this, the House system is inclusive of all learning types and interests.
  • Identity: Friendly competition, via academic Houses, is also good for unity and collegiality, and developing an enhanced sense of belonging.
  • Developing resilience: The House system provides a structure that is designed to help pupils function to the best of their ability in school and enrich each pupil’s personal life by developing resilience, prompting independence, helping pupils make responsible choices, increasing their ability to function as a group and offering guidance and support in preparation to meet the intellectual, social and emotional demands of life as a young adult.

House Events

House teams compete in a number of competitions throughout the School year. Examples include:

  • Sport
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Debating
  • Board Games


Weekly merit totals for each House are calculated and celebrated in our Friday assemblies. Privileges are given to the House winners each week.

“The house system too produces a positive and competitive environment which also encourages pupils’ entirely positive attitudes.”

Independent Schools Inspectorate

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